HealthyDrive Corporate Fitness for small teams


Corporate life can be rewarding and stressful , we all need to find the balance to manage time to relieve tension while improving our wellbeing and fitness levels. Let HealthyDrive provide your company with fitness programs to look after your staff.

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Corporate Group Fitness 

We have over a decade of consistent delivery of fun and challenging corporate group fitness classes providing a variety in exercise routines and locations. You never do the same routine each week which helps to keep you fresh, challenged and progressing.

Our Sydney Corporate Group Fitness classes get people moving with a DRIVE to get HEALTHY. We have worked with a series of well known companies such as Freehills, CBA, Westpac, Greenwood Freehills, Clayton UTZ, Allen & Overy , Multiplex and Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb to name a few. Each week HealthyDrive constructs exercise routines in an outdoor setting regardless of the weather for company employees. We incorporate a variety of short and long runs, stair climbs, boxing, circuit training, pilates and stretching in our classes.

There is nothing more enjoyable than getting out of the office and training with your work mates at our beautiful Sydney Harbour locations.

Based in Sydney, NSW and operating from the nearby KG V Recreation and Fitness Centre , HealthyDrive often uses its great location to advantage for outdoor training in nearby places like the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Although our corporate group fitness classes are a group environment, HealthyDrive will still do its very best to give as much individual care and fitness advice whenever possible. To make training convenient and enjoyable our trainers will provide bottled water and fitness equipment to train so all you need to do is show up and get the body into a Healthy Drive.