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The foundation of HealthyDrive is personal service. We have trained thousands of sessions over the years with clients from different ages, health and fitness levels.

​​Personal Fitness

Sight Seeing Run
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Personal Training ( PT ) – Firstly, you outline your goals then we find your strengths and weaknesses through a series of fitness assessments consisting of muscular strength and endurance tests. We will also test your mobility, flexibility and stability. From these findings we will then compile a plan to focus on the areas which need improvement in order to gain progression and improvement in your performance which will help achieve your goals . We customise workouts to challenge and improve the focus areas however you can be assured your training will have a fun factor involved. Both indoor and outdoor environments can be accommodated as part of training variables and progression.

Based in Sydney, NSW and operating from the nearby KG V Recreation and Fitness Centre , HealthyDrive often uses its great location to advantage for outdoor training in nearby places like the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Basketball Performance

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Basketball performance training makes learning and improving your shooting accuracy and athleticism fun, challenging and rewarding with our skills programs covering dribbling, shooting, speed and agility as well as power to enhance running and jumping ability. Learn to recover and nurture your body as you play this rigorous sport, preventing injury and improving performance.Healthy Drive trainer, HT Tran has over 25 years of basketball experience from playing at club and state representative levels to training players from highschool, college and professional levels. HT specialises in helping to improve your shooting accuracy and efficiency from by assessment of technique and working on mobility and stability factors that contributes to a more balance body in the shooting action.Together with Healthy Drive you can have a challenging yet fun way to lift your basketball skills to a more enjoyable and competitive level of play at the award winning venue of The King George V Recreation Centre