SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor

Practice and Play Like the Pros Do In Your Own Home

What is the SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor?

HealthyDrive is one of the two partnered resellers for the SkyTrak home golf simulator and launch monitor in Australia and New Zealand.

Practice and play like a pro.

SkyTrak is the perfect companion to our The Net Return packages because it allows you to create a complete home set-up so you can practice and play like the pros. While you’re doing this it is gathering the data and insights you need to take your game to the next level.

Your SkyTrak unit works through your iPad or PC which you can project to onto your wide screen TV or other screen, which can be installed safely behind The Net Return for a full immersion experience in the comfort and safety of you own home, studio or garage.

Proven Personal Launch Monitor technology

SkyTrak’s personal launch monitor technology uses proven photometric high-speed cameras to measure ball speed, launch angle, backspin, side spin and side angle directly, and estimate other data points such as carry and total distance. It records and presents immediate and real-time 3D shot analysis and ball-flight data which is ideal for golf practice improvement.

High-Definition Home Golf Simulator

By adding a high-definition golf simulation package* your golf practice can get even closer to actual golf experience. SkyTrak partners with five leading simulation software makers, which give you virtual access to thousands of different courses around the world. World Golf Tour(WGT), probably the most popular mobile golf game available comes with the Play & Improve package.

Other simulation plan choices are available including:

*Software subscriptions available via 

SkyTrak Australia and New Zealand

We are one of the two partnered Resellers for SkyTrak home golf simulation and personal launch monitors in Australia and New Zealand. Our aim is to provide great play and practice experiences for golfers with our Nets and simulator package set ups.

Is setting up a golf practice and simulation studio in your home such a ridiculous idea?

Is setting up a semi professional golf practice and simulation studio in your home such a ridiculous idea? We don’t think so. Times and technology have made this a much more cost-effective and realistic proposition. But don’t take our word for it, check out these in-depth reviews and let us know how we can work together to help make it happen for you.

SkyTrak Review from Practical-Golf

Based on all of the research I did for my home golf simulator guide, SkyTrak was the product that enticed me the most. A couple of months ago I finally bought one, and am happy to share all of my findings in this in-depth review.

Jon Sherman

This comprehensive review from Jon Sherman, the owner of Practical Golf, starts with this strong recommendation and continues to cover all the things you might want to know:

  • This Is For the Recreational Golfer
  • Is It Accurate? YES!
  • I Tested Against FlightScope
  • The Bottom Line
  • My Setup
  • Practicing With SkyTrak
  • You Can Challenge Yourself
  • Simulation Options
  • This Is the Real Fun
  • The Short Game Sucks
  • Other Things You Should Know Before Buying SkyTrak
  • Is It Worth It?

SkyTrak Review from GolfWRX

GolfWRX’s great review from Kane Cochran covers this product from every angle:

  • Pros and Cons
  • Set Up and Ease of Use
  • Accuracy of the Data
  • Head-to-Head Testing
  • 3D Ball Flight Model
  • What you can do with the SkyTrak app
  • Challenges
  • Skills Assessment
  • Bag Mapping
  • The Momentary Shot Delay
  • Simulation Packages
  • The Bottom Line


And of course nothing beats checking out the official SkyTrakGolf web site – the videos there will give you the best preview of the system. Feel free to get in touch to ask us a question by filling out our contact form…. but if you can’t wait to find out how soon you could get your own system click the button below 🙂

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HealthyDrive is an officially authorised reseller of SkyTrak for Australia and New Zealand

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