Chris A.

Through HT he has opened my eyes to a side of golf I hadn’t before seen. Prior to using K-Vest I’d spoken about sequencing with people but never been able to see it as clear as you can with the 3D technology that HT uses. It’s the easiest and most effective system I’ve used. The information is there on the screen from you to see, which you would easily overlook with video alone. The golf specific exercises he sets out for you are personalised to you and your needs. His knowledge of the golf swing and use of the TPI program has really helped me to improve my overall fitness along with the understanding of my swing, with what does what and what causes things to happen throughout the golf swing that are muscle related.

Chris Akers- PGA Trainee


I have been using HT to run personal training sessions for my clients and work colleagues for over [x] years. His sessions are fantastic. He is able to manage groups of different fitness levels and ensure that the work-out remains challenging for all. His knowledge of the latest training techniques and physiology is excellent and every week is different – and always a lot of fun!

Tony Sparks | Partner
Allen & Overy


I have been training with HT for seven years and while I probably wouldn’t represent the model before and after success story in a photo, I know that without H’s encouragement and skill as a trainer, I’d be far less healthy and capable as I am today.

HT does an excellent job finding the right balance at an individual level, for keeping training interesting and relevant to what has been going on in your life and getting the best out of you. Since training with H, I have done a number of events such as mud runs and kayak races that I would otherwise have never contemplated, let alone completed. I’ve gotten a great sense of satisfaction out of these achievements and am grateful to H for his support.I’d highly recommend HT to anyone seeking a trainer, at whatever evel of fitness.

Sean Wilcox- Director of Morphos Projects


“Being an ex professional athlete (basketball) and having many trainers, when I was looking around for someone to train my son I knew I needed to find the right person and your name popped up in my mind. One of the biggest problems I feel with trainers is that it gets boring doing the same old routine. Watching you train my son was certainly not boring. Changing up the routine to keep my son Adrian a 17 year old boy interested was a credit to your understanding of how the teenage boys mind works and also being a basket-baller yourself in your younger days helped you with this.

Adrian came away from your sessions exhausted because you pushed him but very keen to do the next one! Adrian will be back in the country again in August and I haven’t hesitated booking you again to work with him because I know he benefited greatly from your sessions. I know he will go back to the USA quicker and stronger and ready for his basketball season to commence.”

Annie La Fleur
Ex Professional Basketballer (WNBA, WNBL, Australia Opals)
FIBA Oceania Development Manager


“​I have been training with Healthy Drive’s corporate group sessions around the Sydney CBD for the past two years. Like all great coaches, HT doesn’t overcomplicate things, but he has the experience and technical understanding to pick up and fix any problems I might be having. I love that HT manages to get every member of the group to give 100% without any macho boot camp antics. Most importantly, the sessions are always fun, and no two sessions are ever the same. I can’t recommend HT highly enough.”

Richard and Maree

“​I have attended group and one on one training provided by HT over the past several years. Through training with him I have learnt a lot about my strengths and weaknesses in my body.HT’s training is functional and challenging. One particular characteristic of HT’s training, that I believe sets him apart, is his ability to relate the actions of an exercise to something that we do in our daily lives so you can picture it and understand the movement pattern (for example, shovelling, or opening a window etc).HT is also a great mentor. He is always willing to offer advice and support. I fully recommend him to anyone serious about achieving their personal fitness goals.”


HT Tran you are an INCREDIBLE teacher with a god given talent for expressing your thoughts and actions in a way that your golf and fitness students understand immediately. :)”

Deanna Zenger
Executive Director
Hole in One Pilates International & Hole in One Fitness

Scotty and Sarah

“HT brings a high level of energy and importantly variety to his training sessions. HT’s programs are intense yet very rewarding. I look forward to HT’s weekly sessions which have become a core component of my overall training and fitness regime​”


“Given I don’t like gyms, and spend a lot of time at my desk, HT’s sessions are the perfect way to get out and do the exercise I would never do by myself. Motivated by the group setting and HT’s humour, before you know it you’ve already had an intense workout and a bit of fun whilst getting outside to do something different.”