“Being an ex professional athlete (basketball) and having many trainers, when I was looking around for someone to train my son I knew I needed to find the right person and your name popped up in my mind. One of the biggest problems I feel with trainers is that it gets boring doing the same old routine. Watching you train my son was certainly not boring. Changing up the routine to keep my son Adrian a 17 year old boy interested was a credit to your understanding of how the teenage boys mind works and also being a basket-baller yourself in your younger days helped you with this.

Adrian came away from your sessions exhausted because you pushed him but very keen to do the next one! Adrian will be back in the country again in August and I haven’t hesitated booking you again to work with him because I know he benefited greatly from your sessions. I know he will go back to the USA quicker and stronger and ready for his basketball season to commence.”

Annie La Fleur
Ex Professional Basketballer (WNBA, WNBL, Australia Opals)
FIBA Oceania Development Manager