HealthyDrive can complement your sports fitness training with our home golf and multi-sport practice nets, as the exclusive distributors of TheNetReturn for Australia and New Zealand – the only net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the player.

Develop your sport specific skills with the right equipment for training at home.

We are also Official Resellers for SkyTrak launch monitors / Golf simulators for Australia and New Zealand.

Our love of sports here in Australia and New Zealand is missing practical ways to utilise our living room, backyard, drive ways, parks and sporting venues to play and practise our favourite ball sports.

Within a relatively small sized space you can set up a practice area quickly and easily, using TheNetReturn’s unique design to save you time, reduce frustration and improve focus. You do not have to retrieve your ball, because it does it for you! This makes for more efficient play and practise time as you can focus solely on improving your game skills.

TheNetReturn home golf and multi-sport practice nets offer golfers and other sports athletes unparalleled performance, premium quality, rugged durability and instant shot feedback. With TheNetReturn quick click system, setting up takes less than 5 minutes with no tools required. Now you or your kids can practise your Golf, AFL, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby, Football, League and Lacrosse technique anywhere.

Using TheNetReturn with a home golf simulator or launch monitor such as TrackMan, SkyTrak, GC Quad, Flight Scope, provides the ideal home golf training setup, especially when combined with the proper mats and screens.

Having the right equipment conveniently on-hand makes all the difference to skill development. Home golf and multi-sport practice nets, especially when combined with simulators allow you to play and practice productively anywhere all year round and are a great complement to your golf fitness training.

Please give us a call or get in touch to discuss how we can help you regardless at what stage of interest you are at.

By the way, if you are interested in how this all came about, have a look at his documentary shows how we started from HealthyDrive and progressed to include TheNetReturn Australia over the past 19 years. All while focusing on creating a future with fun physical activity at home for the whole family and a vision for taking it to the whole nation, one household at a time.

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